03 jun 2019

Q&A med den koncertaktuelle amerikanske sangskriver og sangerinde Lissie

What made you decide to put out a retrospective piano album? 

I’d been promoting my last album Castles for some stripped down industry showcases in early 2018. I ditched the guitar & sang these piano re- imaginings of my new & old songs unplugged. My piano player Jo reinterpreted the songs so emotionally evocative & I enjoyed the freedom of using my whole body to sing so much. We called on longtime collaborator Martin Craft to record a batch of my songs from the past decade. It was a great opportunity for me to reflect on my work to date & really flex my vocal muscles!

Did you find inspiration with other artists who have stripped down their songs? 

I’ve enjoyed covering lots of different artists over the years & always enjoy finding out what the core of a song can be when reduced to its most basic parts. 

How did it feel revisiting your older songs? 

It felt very natural & reflective. I’ve been performing some of these songs for a decade, I’ve recorded them with producers, performed them with a band, as a duo & solo. While I hope my listeners enjoy this project, it was born of my own desire to remember the life experiences that created the music & where that music has taken me.

You are playing Vega in Copenhagen soon, What can your Danish fans look forward to when you step on stage?

These are stripped back shows, so lots of big, bold, emotive vocals & gorgeous piano stylings from my charming piano player! Maybe some stories about the songs too! 

If you should describe your live show in five words, what would they be?

Heartfelt, raw, thoughtful, silly & connective.