08 jul 2019

Q&A med Michael League fra Snarky Puppy

...if you can play a song year after year and still enjoy it, I think that shows it has something genuine inside of it...

Det Grammy-vindende band Snarky Puppy har ved deres tidligere besøg i Danmark spillet for udsolgte sale. Til oktober vender det populære band tilbage til Danmark på deres Immigrance Tour 2019, og bringer deres knivskarpe fusion af jazz, funk og r&b til Falkoner Salen torsdag 24. oktober. Vi har taget en snak med Mike League fra orkesteret forud for koncerten. 

1. You have played shows in Copenhagen before. Do you have a favorite place or a tradition when you visit Copenhagen?
Different people in the band have different favorite things to do, but mine is to rent a bike and ride around the city in between soundcheck and the show. It makes me feel like I'm a part of the city and not just a visitor-for-a-day.

2. You are playing Falkoner Salen this fall. What can your Danish fans expect from your show?
A mixture of old songs (played differently) and a bunch of the new ones. Hopefully they can expect a nice night!

3. If you should describe your live show in five words. What would they be?
Diverse, energetic, dynamic, unique, fun.

4. You released your new album “Immigrance” this year. What is the inspiration behind the album?
As with all of our albums, we have a lot of influence from different musical traditions on Immigrance. I think that as time goes on, each record is showing this influence more (especially Moroccan and Turkish in this case). We wanted to do another studio album before going back to the live format, and we really tried to make the most of the advantages of recording this way. The title refers to the movement of music from one part of the world to another, and the never-ending journey that we are all a part of, both as people and musicians.

5. Do you have a favorite track on the album and why is it your favorite?
I don't, actually. I go through phases in which I like or dislike a certain song... I think that's normal. But if you can play a song year after year and still enjoy it, I think that shows it has something genuine inside of it.

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Mikeleague QA
Foto: Stella K